The Invisible Touch


We all have our days. Some are hard to live, difficult to gulp, and dense enough to choke our souls to a limit that compels us to shout, WHY? I lived an entire week like this that ripped me apart into intangible pieces that were hard to stitch. 

11:00 pm and I finally left my office, booked a cab, and waited for the driver to come. Devastated by the number of rejections and workload on my table, I decided to call it a day. November never felt so cold to me. I put my phone on silent mode and kept it safely in my leather handbag as I sat in the car. 

I asked the cab driver to shut the music that was playing in the background. The noise was much louder at the back of my head. I always cherished if I had a snooze button in my life. I wish to endure.

Will I be able to make it? Will I be able to come up with a sensible draft? Thoughts like these crossed my mind. I opened the windowpane, placed my chin on the edge, and inclined towards the door of the car. The road was broad, smooth, and vacant. "People have better lives to live.", I thought to myself. The ceaseless wind came with a sudden gush on my face and felt as if someone came rushing to hug you with an open heart. It ran through my open locks, fiercely blowing them in all possible directions. I felt loved, blank, and lost at the same time.

I didn't want to car to stop, I didn't want the roads to end and the night to get over. I felt the cold breeze perfuming my hair with its uniqueness and chill. I felt less burden as I allowed my soul to sink with the harmony of the night. It felt like a remedy to my drained being. It felt like a shade to a traveler. It felt like something that carried you to the clouds and asked you to breathe. Hypnotized by the mystical night, I puffed my lungs with the cold wintery breeze. The chill ran down my spine but I relished every moment of it. I exhaled relentlessly. "Breathe!", I said to myself. 

This time I gasped again and exhaled out everything that was holding me in chains. I opened my eyes, glared at the empty roads as I pass by. The breeze was still playing with my hair and I was still healing and loving the night for no reason.

Before I could realize, I was at my destination. The car stopped and so does the wind but it was still cold outside. I took yet another deep breath before I stepped out of the car. I heard the unheard voice as it said," Harmoniously thy!" It was the wind!

I smiled to myself and finally left.


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