The Space Bar

 We were never taught the meaning of SPACE in our lives, we were never taught we would ever need some. 


I really love the word SPACE. It's fascinating; while we were growing up, we were told many times by our teachers to give right amount of space between the letters while writing. Right amount of Space is important to make your writing look nice, and readable.

That’s what kids are being told when they are learning to write, right?

 As we climbed the ladders from kindergartens to primary, we were introduced to huge digital boxes which we used to call desktop computers. There we got to know the longest key on the keyboard is the Space bar/ Space key which we need to press each time whenever we used to write something in a word file. I always used to wonder, why did they make the space bar so long? What might be the significance behind it? It could have been like any other key! Nevertheless they are all same just with some different functionality. They are all keys in the end, no matter whatever they do.

You know, I was always the person who wanted to work from home. I never knew one day God would answer my prayers like this. My formal wear are abusing me in the worst possible way for keeping them packed for last 1 year. Next time I will be mindful while I pray.

Now after staying home for more than an year due to COVID-19, I got the answers to many of my unanswered questions. You get to know things when you slow down. History has been the evidence. Issac Newton discovered the gravitational law when he was calmly sitting under a tree. If he would have been in a hurry to board a train bustling with people, he would have simply picked up the apple and had it on his way back home .

That’s why it’s said, "best things are learnt and understood when we are calm and stable from inside." That is the time when our brain decipher the what’s and why’s for everything that’s happening around. 

I mean its good to be home, its good to be around your parents, its good to contribute in the family and take care of them closely, everything’s good. It feels like a blessing (sometimes). 

This blessing, my friend, may feel like a punishment, a major blunder that just happened in our lives when the space bar of our life’s keyboard is not pressed on time. It feels like a hotchpotch. Isn’t it? When I was young, I mean oh come on, am still one. So when I basically started watching Hollywood movies in my early growing years, so many times I used to see people shouting on each other saying, “come on, gimme some space!” I never used to understand why they are exactly fighting for? What Space they are referring to? Aren’t they happy with each other?

Right from the very beginning we are told that whenever we are launched into some relationship(any relationship) or to any work, or to any platform, we are supposed to submit ourselves entirely to it no matter what. We were never taught the meaning of SPACE in our lives, we were never taught we would ever need one. We were never taught, even if we need one, its okay to have one and let others have it too. 

Keep a hand on your hand and gimme an honest answer, have you ever been taught this by your parents? No right.(And if yes, you are a fortunate chap). We realized it gradually, that okay, I need some space and its okay to demand for it. We realized it when we were imposed with N number of things on our heads and we wanted to have a break and say it’s okay to pause for a while and then start all over again. Its okay to be in our zones and be ourselves without actually caring about anything around. 

There were many things which we were not taught about, I don’t know why? Maybe they left us to find it own our own with a  better meaning. Or maybe they wanted to test us whether we actually need it or not. Or maybe they thought its futile to inject such things in own minds while growing up, or maybe they left it for the time to teach us.

In this world where pizza is guaranteed in 30 mins and noodles in 2 mins, We need SPACE to get  peace of 10 mins to figure out the rest of the calculations. We need SPACE to understand the definition of the words which are being taught to us by the life. We need SPACE to pace up with this world which is changing in the blink of an eye. We need SPACE to revive and revoke the phoenix from its ashes

Times have changed, generations have changed, computers have evolved, versions have changed but the long SPACE bar is still the same because somewhere I guess they know we need it, somewhere they want us to remind, its necessary to give SPACE as much importance and value it our lives as well.

Our generation definitely needs a big space bar in their lives that needs to be hit time to time to bless them with some mental peace and serenity, not sure about what used to happen with the generation of our parents(that’s certainly a different topic to talk about in a different blog. Do lemme know if you want me to write on that as well.) 

Till then, Stay home, Stay safe.



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